One step behind. One second too late. One failure too many. But never one risk too far. I have lately realized that the consequences of your action are your own. Own up and you live up. One life is all you have.

Bored lawyers become politicians. Bad. Bored engineers become writers. Worse. I am guilty of tilting the scales of world peace in the wrong direction. 4 years in engineering, 3 years as a software engineer and now 1.5 years (and counting) in advertising. If there was an award for ‘Great work that didn’t get through’ (I heard there is actually something like that), consider some entries from me. What you want, rarely happens. Shit, on the other hand, always happens.

So eat shit, or die trying.


2 responses to “About

  1. Sagar!ka

    Ellaam seri, except the ending of second para onwards. In my universe, what I want happens every other day (especially on Friday and Saturday). And shit only happens once a year, e.g. April 1st (speaking of which, I was pleasantly surprised at your innate ability to call a Poi a Poi!). πŸ˜€

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