About I Can Imagine

I Can Imagine is a series of stories that happens in a fictional future (do we know any other kind?). It charts the story of a few individuals in a time when mankind has mastered the ability to communicate telepathically. And this has opened way for us to be able to communicate with trees. So go ahead read the stories. It’s got sex, violence, tears (of pain), laughs, deities, politicians and still, unbelievably, no blood and gore.

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One response to “About I Can Imagine

  1. Sagar!ka

    Not sure if you’d prefaced your posts with this note on seriality to begin with, and I’d simply missed it on first visit and proceeded to randomly click on a story (which is just as good a way as any to read, and perhaps the only way *I* read), or if you decided to spare future visitors the annoying suspense (or awe-inspiring surprise as was my case) of figuring it out for themselves, as an afterthought to my effusive exclamations. Either way, context is always an exciting companion for “kids” venturing into the “fictional future” candystore! 🙂

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