An Undeterred Criminal Mastermind – Part I

Unlike the Mumbai Underworld, Bangalore Underworld actually operated under the world. This unique structural nature of the Bangalore Underworld further gave rise to Bangalore ‘Around Ground Level’ World and Bangalore ‘Above BBMP Permissible Heights’ World as well. Needless to say, the last of those became the most notorious. Especially after angering a few birds.

For years, the City Police was accused of not being adept enough to solve the city’s criminal problem. One of the main factor that was rambled on and on by the press was the lack of deep roots into the city’s criminal nexus. And today, after 3 years of extensive research that involved sending Polls through Facebook to those in the wanted list, they had finally solved it. And almost like a bad joke, it involved roots.

Tree roots, to be precise.

As we all know by now, by the year 2014 mankind had mastered the ancient Hippie artform of telepathy.The ancient Hippie art of Effortless Living is still being tackled as of writing. Soon after the discovery of Telepathy another surprise awaited mankind in the form of talking trees — or technically, communicating trees. Though this new trend was widely criticized in various places, the benefits of this new mode of communication was generally accepted as a great boon.

Bangalore was a city known for its trees and many of those trees had been in the city for a long time. Thus these trees had formed roots that went deep into the city’s soil. Even with the sincerest efforts from the BBMP to try widen the roads by cutting down trees, it couldn’t curtail the reach of these roots. And it was these roots that was going to prove beneficial for Bangalore Police force’s fight against the city’s Underworld.

And Babu was in a mood that he had not been in before and couldn’t be explained right now. ‘Buggered’ came close.

Like a thoroughbred Hippie, Babu was constantly at peace. The city never realised Babu’s existence. And whenever the city tried to shed light on his activities, he would bribe the local BESCOM guy to cut the power. He moved constantly through the shadows and occasionally under the pavements. The latter especially proved risky because of the inconsistent nature of the cover. He was the indubitable lord of the city’s underbelly. But today, gas trouble was on the menu.


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